Young Researchers’ Event 

The day before the Symposium, ELSI is inviting all young researchers working on early Earth and/or early life to present their research during one day.

(registration is closed!)

No registration fee. Attendees are responsible for housing expenses and organisation. Please refer to the main ELSI website for information on Tokyo, and housing in Tokyo:

What? Scientific discussions and presentations.

When? 10 January, 9:00-20:00 (lunch box and dinner will be provided)
Who? Anyone who considers him/herself to be a young researcher: from graduate students to junior faculty members.
Where? Earth-Life Science Institute, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Why? To discuss your most recent research in a friendly environment, emphasizing interactions (formal presentations will be kept to a minimum).

Topics of the day :

  • From deep Earth to surface environments
    • What controls element transport/partitioning between the deep and shallow earth?
    • What is the influence of life and surface environments on the Earth’s interior?
  • Geochemistry to prebiotic chemical reaction networks
    • What were the plausible prebiotic chemical reactions on early earth?
    • In which geochemical contexts could chemical reaction networks be driven and sustained as proto-metabolism?
  • From origins of life to the modern biosphere
    • How did biopolymers (DNA, RNA, protein, lipids) arise and evolve?
    • What does the modern biosphere tell us about the early ecosystem?


All participants will be required to present their work in a poster format. The same poster will be then presented during the Symposium. Additionally, based on abstract submissions we will select a number of oral presenters.



9:00-9:30 coffee + registration
9:30-10:00 : introduction
10:00-12:00 : presentations
12:00-13:00 : lunch
13:00 – 15:00 : Poster flash talks
15:00-15:30 : coffee break
15:30-17:00: discussion
17:00-20:00 poster sessions. Pizzas and drinks available from 6:00pm

Invited talks:
From deep Earth to the surface environments
– Marie Laure Pons — University of Cambridge
– Athanasia Nikolaou — German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Geochemistry to prebiotic chemical reaction network
– Sukrit Ranjan — Harvard University
– David Fialho — Georgia Institute of Technology
From origins of life to modern biosphere
– Milena Popovic — NASA/BMSIS
– Tony Jia — Harvard University/ELSI