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Tuesday January 10

Young Researchers’ Day (YRD) Schedule 


Wednesday January 11

8:30-9:15        Registration

9:15-9:30        Opening Remarks


Morning session, Chair: John Hernlund

9:30-10:15      Eric Smith: The many faces of the nature of life

10:15-10:45    Coffee break

10:45-11:30    Marc Hirschmann: Accretion and retention of bio-essential elements during Earth’s catastrophic early history


11:30-13:00    Lunch


Afternoon session 1, Chair: Nathaniel Virgo

13:00-13:45    Kepa Ruiz-Mirazo: Prebiotic systems evolution as a process of protocell development

13:45-14:30    Martha Grover: A system-level viewpoint on the chemical origins of life

14:30-14:35    Flash talks (Kristin Johnson and Omer Markovitch)

14:35-15:35    Poster session 1


Afternoon session 2, Chair: George Helffrich

15:35-16:20    Werner von Bloh: Global carbon cycle models for the the early evolution of Earth

16:20-17:05    Shawn McGlynn: Revisiting electrons, protons, and energy conservation at hydrothermal vents during the emergence of life


19:00             Public lectures:

Emcee: Hidenori Genda

Kosuke Fujishima: A tale of Origin of Life spun by two polymers

Lynn Rothschild: Are we alone? The search for life in the universe



Thursday January 12

Morning session, Chair: H. James Cleaves

9:00-9:45        Sijbren Otto: Emergence and evolution of self-replicating molecules from dynamic molecular networks

9:45-9:50        Flash talks (Ryo Mizuuchi and Wooje Chang)

9:50-10:45      Poster session 2

10:45-11:30    Daisuke Kiga: Systems biology: Synthetic biology = Systems chemistry: ???


11:30-13:00 Lunch


Afternoon session 1, Chair: Christine Houser

13:00-13:45    Mark Jellinek: The punctuated evolution and enigmatic resilience of plate tectonics: Novel controls on the dynamics and surprising longevity of Earth’s habitability

13:45-14:30    Charley Lineweaver: Connecting the “Emergence of our biosphere” to the “Emergence of biospheres”

14:30-14:35    Flash talks (Katherine Petrie and Sheng-Sheng Yu)

14:35-16:00    Poster session 3


Afternoon session 2, Chair: Mary Voytek

16:00-16:45    Simon Conway Morris: Animal cognition and extraterrestrials: An unexpected connection?

16:45-17:30    Piet Hut: Who are we?

18:30 Banquet*

*This event will be held at ELSI-1 building (map)

*Please note that the banquet fees will be collected during the registration

*Speakers are exempt from banquet fees


Friday January 13

Morning session, Chair: Betul Kacar

9:00-9:45        Loren Williams: RNA and Protein: A match made in the Hadean

9:45-9:50        Flash talks (Mayuko Nakagawa and Bradley Burcar)

9:50-11:30      Poster session 4


11:30-13:00    Lunch


Afternoon session 1, Chair: Masashi Aono

13:00-13:45    Yuichiro Ueno: Redox buffering of Archean atmosphere

13:45-14:30    Andrew Knoll: The Proterozoic Eon: Life and Environments in Earth’s Middle Age

14:30-15:00    Coffee break


Afternoon session 2, Chair: Kuhan Chandru

15:00-15:45    Yoko Kebukawa: Formation of amino acid precursors with insoluble organic matter in the early Solar System small bodies

15:45-16:30    Irena Mamajanov: From messy chemistry to biofunctional systems

16:30-17:00    Closing remarks


The Aftershops

Monday January 16

9:00-12:00 Earth’s First Crust; Chair: Christine Houser

13:00-18:00 Future of Prebiotic Chemistry; Chair H. James Cleaves


Tuesday January 17

9:00-12:30 Chemistry to Computation: Why Is it So Hard and Can Thermodynamics Help?; Chair: Nathaniel Virgo

13:30-17:00 Ancestral States and Their Properties; Chair: Shawn McGlynn



  1. Short ELSI Symposium program**
  2. Full Symposium Program (abstracts included)**

** YRD and the aftershops  will be held in the ELSI buildings (map). Please follow the links (YRDaftershops) for further details.